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14 Mar 2017 | 0 | 3085

1. Introduce Bitrix24 SIP Connector

In 2015, Bitrix released SIP connector for Bitrix24 telephony, which is mean that users can connect their existing PBX, both cloud and physical office PBX, to Bitrix24 and get all the benefits of Bitrix24 CRM.

It has been a big upgrade for Bitrix24 users, since there are several advantages of using SIP connector:

  1. First, you can work with your existing phone number
  2. Second, you’ll pay for the phone calls to your current IT telephony provider at the rates that you chose.
  3. Third, you’ll get access to features that you probably did not have, like ability to record phone calls, create a new lead automatically whensomeone new calls you, or automatic forwarding of phone calls to a responsible manager when an existing client calls from a phone number that’s listed in your CRM.

2. Why enterprise need a specialized connector module integrated on their own telephony system

Incoming Call From Client - Auto Synchronize With CRM

YNSI - SIP Connector - Calling.png

Calling Client Directly From CRM System

There is no question about the benefit of Bitrix SIP Connector, especially the great benefit of connecting and synchronizing between your telephony system and Bitrix24 CRM data.

Yet for other countries users which are out of Russia region, especially SEA countries, using connector via Bitrix Server may cause some issues that cost business much more to ensure the call quality.

Firstly, since the call has to go through many systems in different servers/locations, don’t expect great quality. Your company may equip the best bandwidth internet, but a long road bring context from your system to Russia server and back, jitters and delay can happen anytime.   

Secondly, many parts of the system would take you more time and cost to detect and fix the issue when happen. That’s why the monthly fee for maintaining and managing system would make business consider about having a specialized connector.

Telephony history integrated with Bitrix24 CRM

3. The advantages that come with YouNet SI’s SIP Connector

This is an enhancement to Bitrix basic SIP Connector, specialized for SEA countries. YouNet SI’s SIP Connector would be installed and operated on the same server of VoIP PBX, as a part of Enterprise Infrastructure. This adjustment would better optimize enterprise telephony system running costs and efficiency. These advantages include:
  • Locally set-up in the same place with Bitrix Server, no more delay or jitters. 
  • Make use of current telephony infrastructure, no new equipment or process required.
  • Apply for all self-hosted versions. 
  • Connector installation and configuration by Asterisk experts who give best consultancy for your telephony system. 
  • Able to integrate with other IP PBX systems beside Asterisk. 
  • Integrated with Bitrix24 CRM: history tracking, billing log and reports.  

Advance Setting

YNSI - SIP Connector - Inbound Config.png

Extension Setup For Inbound Call

YNSI - SIP Connector - Call Log.png

Call log

YNSI - SIP Connector - Clients Info - Play back.png

Customer information management

Call information


4. About YouNet SI

YouNet SI ( is one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam & S.E.A. providing Bitrix24 clients with consultation and customization services. With over 200 Bitrix24 projects successfully implemented, YouNet SI has a profound experience in Social Intranet Integration & Installation services provided to top local Corporations (10,000 - 20,000 users), as well as to SMBs. Its full-circle services include management consultancy, product implementation & integration, business process development, training / coaching and module market. YouNet SI has been working with variety of business scales and industries in South East Asia (telecommunication, construction, banking, retail, education…).

5. More Information

  1. Pricing for module: US$ 49 / mon, not include PBX setup fee.
  2. Module will be installed on same server of Bitrix24 self-hosted.
  3. Module has been tested on Asterisk PBX, others could be done by customization via PBX's APIs.
  4. Concurrent calls: there are over 100 simultaneous internal calls and over 30 incoming calls tested on company landline phone system.

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