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09 Jun 2017 | 0 | 2242

Over the past years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have been considered to be one of the most effective tools in the sales industry, however, its implementation still remains a controversial topic. Especially in the midst of blooming of collaboration platforms in today’s market.

For managers, a CRM is an efficient way to quickly store and access information related to their clients; plus help them to keep track of the workflow and performance of their employees. Nevertheless, for the sales team, CRM is often viewed as an infamous “lover”, and just another tools for the managers to keep tabs on their subordinates. At the same time, a vast majority of sales staff tend to dislike the use of CRM as they felt that most of their time is spent typing data onto the CRM’s interface rather than focusing on the main duty, which is selling.

Despite these negative opinions, CRM solutions are still being widely adopted in top enterprises around the world, as well as Vietnam. As a result, the prejudice of sales staff toward CRM solutions has slowly improved, in fact, many employees have even begun to show interest in the software. In a recent study from Innoppl Technologies Inc. shows that sales staff performance can be significantly improved through the use of CRM. The study was carried out on 2 groups, each group consisted of 100 members, in which group 1 allows the utilization of a CRM system in their sales process, while the other group can only rely on traditional sales tools. At the end of the study, 70% of the staffs in group 1 completed their sales target, this number is much lower in group 2 at about 22%.

Recent study from Innoppl Technologies Inc. shows that sales staff performance can be significantly improved through the use of CRM

So what exactly did CRM bring to the table in term of assisting the 1st sales group in reaching such outstanding improvement? The aim of this article will unveil the unique features that a modern CRM software provides in complement with the sales staff performance.  

1. Systematize the storage of business information

All modern CRMs are now included the capability for cloud-based storage, providing users with unlimited storage in a singular location for data such as business plan, sales strategy, work schedule, and contact information of potential customers, etc. At the same time, sales staffs can gain access to these data on-the-go, enabling flexible customer services and a better chance for obtaining new contracts even when the employee is not present at the office. Many firms have begun implementing mobile CRM solutions, through which enhance the flexibility of their employees, especially in the booming era of smart mobile devices.

2. Create a 360-degree connection to the customer network

Together with the profound development of Social Media platforms, modern CRM can also provide users with comprehensive communication tools. Sales staffs can now manage all incoming inquiries from customers on one unanimous interface. No matter which platform the customer is using Facebook, Skype, Viber, Linkedin or even email, all messages will be diverted to the employee’s chat interface on their CRM, the responses will be transferred back to the customer respectively. This function help improve customer services, measure the effective of sales channels while maintaining up-to-date data. Besides, Call Center can also be integrated into CRMs, allowing direct phone call and voice recording directly from the CRM’s interface. Through the use of Call Center bring the possibility of personalizing customer’s data, thereby opens up new sales opportunities.   


Call Center integration into CRM will open up new sales opportunities

3. Automation of business activity report

Thanks to its automated features, a CRM software can better assist sales staffs in conducting sales reports. Employees will no longer have to go through piles of unorganized files for the sake of completing their sales report, through the use of a CRM system, managers are only 1-mouse click away from receiving a fully updated and exact sales report of their co-workers. An advanced CRM software can also automatic measure an employee’s KPI throughout their working progress.   

4. Save time & Optimize profits

CRM software supports data classification and identification of business potential based on advanced search features. In addition, as CRM act as a key information hub for the business, sales staff will easily extract important information for the purpose of analyzing interest, demand, and buying behavior of their target customers. This remarkable advantage of CRM will minimize time in finding leads and contracts for the sales team. At the same time, it allows managers to anticipate the risks that may occur between businesses and customers to build appropriate communications strategies. All of which, enhance the loyalty and satisfaction of customers toward the brand, bring profits to the business.

5. Streamlining and providing better customer care service

In addition, the modernized CRM will help business teams to streamline their customer care routine to ensure that potential partners always feel connected. By the same token, through CRM data the sales staff will be able to pinpoint the most appropriate time to contact the customer for maximizing contract signing possibility. In particular, CRM allows business employees to spend more time with their customers, building a more extensive and solid client network, one of the most important factors in increasing revenue for the business.

Modern CRM - Aimed at integrating collaborative platforms and meeting the actual needs of businesses

In fact, when deploying CRM, many businesses immediately think of the most popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, Vtiger, etc. The practical benefits and superior features that these well-known and specialized CRM systems provide cannot be argued. However, in the general context of so many different sizes and types of businesses exist on the market, such large and specialized systems will sometimes bring many obstacles to a business such as huge and excessive implementation costs, excessive functionality beyond the actual needs of the business.

In that trend, the world market began to shift to compact CRM solutions, built-in modern communication management systems, and easily integrate/synchronize data with other systems. One of the most impressive global growth solutions today is the Enterprise Social Network - Bitrix24, which includes Bitix CRM built in. While not comparable in terms of feature depth like other specialized solutions such as Salesforce, Vtiger, Bitrix24 has affirmed its superior advantages in practical application and cost optimization; Flexible response to enterprise CRM requirements in terms of scale; the ability to synchronize data efficiently. Specifically, for start-up businesses with small and medium business teams, Bitrix24 offers a free CRM solution package for the first 12 users. At the same time, when deploying Self-hosted version, the source code is provided to help enterprises with specialized IT staff can manage and customize CRM on demand, reducing costs incurred. Apart from CRM, the deployment of Enterprise Social Network - Bitrix24 also allows businesses to synchronize relationship management, customer interaction; managing the sales process; synthesize and implement business reports; project management; document management & records; manage the workload of each employee ... on the same platform. In particular, as sales staffs engage in a variety of other activities, the use of a synchronization platform for communication and management would enhance the level of engagement of the sales team.

In addition, in response to the needs of executives in managing and evaluating the performance of their sales team, the data synchronization integrated system of Enterrise Social Network - Bitrix24 enables businesses to create metrics, in-depth KPIs measurement of each employee and can be easily customizable according to specific needs with different criteria.

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