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01 Feb 2018 | 0 | 2072

Developed by YouNet SI, one of the leading Bitrix24 partners in Vietnam & S.E.A, the Newsletter MailChimp Integration module, as its name suggests, allows Bitrix24 users to take full advantage of all MailChimp newsletter functions directly from the Bitrix24 system interface.

The installed module will help businesses to greatly improve the efficiency of email marketing campaigns by:

  • Reducing email blacklist/spam rate as newsletters will be sent using MailChimp service

  • Optimization for mass email marketing campaigns

  • Managing subscribers effectively

  • Reports & analytic tools for better campaign management

Highlighted features of the Newsletter MailChimp Integration module, include:

1. One-stop interface for all of your email marketing needs: 
  • Create & manage email-lists

Subscriber information can be manually added and edited. Furthermore, the module allows users to import multiple subscribers at the same time using an Excel file. In addition, you can create and manage different email lists for better customer segmentation.

When changes occur to the subscriber database (ex: add, delete, unsubscribe, etc.), the system will automatically update and synchronize to the MailChimp account. Thus, making sure your employees are always working with the latest information.

Interface for adding & editing subscriber information

Staff can quickly search and sort through the subscriber information database thanks to the integrated search and filter function.

  • Create & manage email marketing campaigns

The module also provides comprehensive functions, such as creating, managing and scheduling email campaigns and templates.  

Additionally, the integration with MailChimp service will ensure email marketing campaigns will operate at the highest capacity, minimizing the blacklist/spam rate of sent emails.

The module adds functions for setting up long-term email marketing campaigns directly from the Enterprise Social Network interface

Users can create, edit or add their own email templates to the system using WYSIWYG Editor

The preview feature helps users to quickly detect and correct errors that may affect the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

2. Campaign report & analytic tool

One of the highlights of this module is the comprehensive campaign tracking and reporting tool.

With this feature, the module takes advantage of MailChimp's in-depth reporting system to provide users with the overall performance of each specific campaign (email open rate, read rate, rejection rate, etc.). These metrics will help marketers to accurately pinpoint content that resonates with the customers, thus creating the basis for optimizing future email marketing strategies.

3. Flexible configuration 

Flexible permission configuration allows administrators to quickly set up, extend, or restrict access and manage the system. Only authorized individuals will have permission to create and run email marketing campaigns, as well as to view or extract reports or subscriber information from the database.

Also, email templates are automatically stored in the system database thanks to the email template management function, which helps to reduce the preparation time needed for future campaigns.


       - This is a module for Bitrix24 self-hosted version only.

       - The current version supports one-way synchronization from Bitrix24 to MailChimp

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