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11 Aug 2017 | 0 | 2664

Along with the rapid growth in technological advancements, the need for a modern, lightweight management system with flexible integrated capabilities, has become a norm in today’s business environment.

Human Resources Department is one of the core elements of any business. Basically, they have to deal with a lot of paperwork and other overly time consuming tasks. Therefore, replacing a conventional management approach with an up-to-date process can drastically help to ease the workload for HR staff, thus increasing competitive advantage of the business.

Normally, HR Department relies on IT Department in creating, managing, making modifications to the staff database or company operational structure whenever necessary. As one department is specialized in managing staff, whilst the other is focused on managing user data at a technical level, this can lead to many issues such as:

  • The lack of consistency between HR Department and IT Department leads to errors in the processing of employee information.

  • Increases the vulnerabilities of sensitive data (salaries, promotion plans, employees’ benefits…) as data is often shared between two or more departments.

  • Decreases the flexibility of management; when there is a need to update the personnel information database, HR staff must send a request to IT Department then wait for processing.

  • AD System uses plain-text editor, which can result in many errors during the input process. For example, when categorizing departments, if IT staff inputs "Human Resource" and "human resource" in AD System, the system will detect and create two different departments, this can cause a lot of confusion for staff in the future.

Active Directory/Org Chart Management Module: A Complete Automation Solution in managing staff database and operational structure for enterprises

In these regards, YouNet SI has developed the Active Directory/Org Chart Management module based on Bitrix24 – Enterprise Social Network System, to assist enterprises in optimizing the workflow; efficiently helping HR staff in managing staff database and operational structure.

Operational structure of the Active Directory/Org Chart Management module

One of the most important features of the module is that it provides an automatic, secure, user-friendly way to easily manage Active Directory (AD) System through Bitrix24 – Enterprise Social Network interface. It also allows HR Department to manage Company Org Chart directly through its interface. Therefore, it minimizes the dependency of HR staff on IT Department. Plus, it protects sensitive information that would only circulate within the HR Department, eliminating the risk of information leakage.

IT staff also no longer have to deal with the complex nature of AD System interface which can lead to unwanted human error. This module provides a user-friendly interface, modern working platform. It also fully integrates with Bitrix24 Business Process, which is easy and flexible to modify. AD System will act as a central storage point.   

Furthermore, every change via the module will be stored as a revision. Only certain staff (via the permission management system) is allowed to make changes within the AD/Org Chart Management System. Any change will create a new version which is not published yet. The request for approval will be sent to the BOM via Business Process. If the modification request is approved, it will be published and synchronized to Active Directory System.

The main features of the Active Directory/Org Chart Management module

1. User-friendly interface, support for editing staff information directly from the Company Org Chart

Instead of having the IT staff doing this on the AD system

HR staff can now make adjustment directly to the employees’ database right from the Company Org Chart interface

AD Management - Department Edit.png

Managing employee positions and department structure easily from the Company Org Chart interface

2. Synchronized and integrated into existing Business Processes with ease

Business Process(s) used in Active Directory/Org Chart Management module.

3. Integration with Business Process to get approval for any administrative action

Any modification will be stored as a revision. If approved, it will be published and synchronized to Active Directory System.

4. The permission configuration is tailored to the specific needs of each business

Only certain staff (setup via permission management system) is allowed to make changes within the AD/Org Chart Management system

About YouNet SI

YouNet SI is one of the leading companies in Vietnam & S.E.A. providing Bitrix24 clients with consultation and customization services. With over 200 Bitrix24 projects successfully implemented, YouNet SI has a profound experience in Enterprise Social Network Integration & Installation services provided to top local Corporations (10,000 - 20,000 users), as well as to SMBs. Its full-circle services include management consultancy, product implementation & integration, business process development, training/coaching and module market. YouNet SI has been working with variety of business scales and industries in South East Asia (telecommunication, construction, banking, retail, education…).

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