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Every recruiter is well aware of how nightmarish the candidate filtering process can be. Especially when they have to manually manage hundreds of candidate profiles and job order requests.

According to a recent study, 73% of HR leaders now consider “digital HR” to be a significant trend, and having a good management software can help HR personnel streamline the recruitment process, thus enabling them to identify and hire the best talents.

In fact, there are various famous cloud-based recruitment management software-as-a-service (SaaS) such as Zoho People, BamBooHR, Zenefits, etc. All of these systems come with a rich set of utilities compiled for business demand. But those who are looking for the integrated solution that comes with essential features at a reasonable pricing should take a closer look at Bitrix24 and it’s new module designed for recruitment management.


Developed by YouNet SI - the number 1 partner of Bitrix in Vietnam & the SEA region -  this module helps to streamline the recruitment process. By integrating into current Bitrix24 system,  the module provides a one-stop platform for the recruitment department.

With just a few clicks, recruiters and hiring managers can get involved in the recruitment process with real time visibility, and they can take action on any critical step

From a central dashboard, the Recruitment Management Module allows recruiters to view all the information, such as job order details, candidate profiles and status. Via the permission management system, this module enables the recruitment team to easily involve other staff member when needed. Furthermore, the information can only be accessed by HR professionals and authorized staff, thus eliminating the risk of information leakage.

Here’s how the recruitment management module helps you to manage your recruitment efforts in detail:

1. Job Order Management:

  • Powerful & flexible management system:

The Job Order tab allows hiring managers to post job order requests based on specific job requirements, such as position title, salary rates, applicant backgrounds, number of interview rounds, job descriptions, etc. The requests will be reviewed and approved by supervisors before being handed over to the recruitment team to be officially processed.

Submitting a request to recruitment team from the Job Order interface

On the other hand, the recruitment manager can also assign specific tasks (interview, feedback, CV scans) to a hiring manager and other involved personnel.

Custom tasks can be created directly from Job Order detail page.

  • Keep track of everything happening in System

With each change made to a job order, such as new applicant added, hired, rejected, the system will immediately notify involved staff thanks to Bitrix24 Notification System. In addition, all these activities are recorded in History tab.

Users can get an overview of every changes made to the Job Order from the activity log

2. Candidate Information Management:  

  • Never get lost again in Candidate Database

All of the information related to each candidate, such as name, contact information, qualifications, experience, expected salary, can be accessed and viewed conveniently in the Candidate tab. Authorized staff can easily search with precise criteria using search and filter function.

Search and filter function significantly reduces time spent to locate suitable candidates 

Recruiters can also import list of potential candidates (by Excel file or CV Parser System). The module provides Duplicate Control function based on candidate’s contact detail, such as email, phone number, making sure that there are no duplicates.

Importing candidate’s CV from Excel file

  • Centralized hub for all related recruitment tasks

The integration with Bitrix24 system allows users to send emails, schedule interviews with candidates, or assign custom tasks to facilitate the recruitment process directly from the Candidate tab.

The tracking system automatically records every activity happening to the candidate (meeting schedule, added interview round, etc.) in the History tab. This information can be accessible by  authorized staff for future reference.

Interview can be directly created and assigned to the responsible persons within the Candidate Tab

  • Switching to the collaborative hiring process model

Unlike the traditional recruitment process, this module allows hiring managers to collaborate with recruiters closely in selecting the best-suited candidates for the job. In other words, hiring managers could add the potential candidates, which they find in the candidate list, into their job requests. Recruitment team will be notified to prepare further actions.

 Potential Candidates can be easily added into job order request by clicking on “add job order” within the candidate card

At the end of each interviewing round, interviewers would need to provide feedbacks on the candidate performance. These feedbacks will be stored in the Feedback tab for further assessment.

Interviewer leaves feedback for Candidate after interview

3. Recruiting Process management:

We know every organization is different, and recruitment processes vary from organization to organization. Through integration with Bitrix24 Collaboration Platform, this module allows business owners to customize and personalize almost every aspect to make sure it works for them.

For instance, recruitment managers can select an existing recruitment process, or easily create their own by using the Bitrix24 business process designer, without requiring the involvement of IT staff or System Admin.

Design a new Job Order Approval process with Bitrix24 business process designer

Job Order & Candidate Status can also be customized and personalized

Permission management system

Helping to create a comprehensive recruitment process:

When installing alongside YouNet SI Advanced Staff Profile module, this module will synchronize all information related to the hired candidate to Advanced Staff Profile system.

Moreover, this module also supports Onboarding Process. A list of necessary tasks will be created and assigned to related personnel (IT, Administrator, Department Head, Inline Manager), ensuring the newly hired staff will feel right at home.

Onboarding process, it’s easy to customize thanks to Bitrix24 business process designer

Notice: This is a module for Bitrix24 self hosted version only

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About YouNet SI

YouNet SI is one of the leading companies in Vietnam & S.E.A. providing Bitrix24 clients with consultation and customization services. With over 200 Bitrix24 projects successfully implemented, YouNet SI has a profound experience in Enterprise Social Network Integration & Installation services provided to top local Corporations (10,000 - 20,000 users), as well as to SMBs. Its full-circle services include management consultancy, product implementation & integration, business process development, training/coaching and module market. YouNet SI has been working with variety of business scales and industries in South East Asia (telecommunication, construction, banking, retail, education…).

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