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Enterprise Social Network is an indispensable management trend used by millions of businesses across industries & categories all over the world.

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Module Store

More than 15-year of business insights and technology expertise, we are enable to develop cutting edge integration add-ons and modules:

  • SIP Connector SIP Connector
    This module is an enhancement to Bitrix24 basic SIP Connector, specialized for SEA...
  • Advanced Staff Profile Advanced Staff Profile
    The Advanced Staff Profile module helps businesses create a human resource management...
  • Recruitment Management Recruitment Management
    The Recruitment Management module helps to streamline Recruitment Processes. By...
  • Materials Management Materials Management
    The material management module allows users to calculate, manage the exact quantity...
  • AD / Org Chart Management AD / Org Chart Management
    The Active Directory/Org Chart Management Module helps to effectively solve the...
  • Cloud App Leave Management Cloud App Leave Management
    Via this module, users can submit their leave request for approval all online and...

What Our Customers Say

  • Within only 4 months after deployed, Enterprise Social Network deeply effected & changed our Internal Communication activity. Our working flow between departments and workgroups now become smoother & more efficient over expected.
    Mr. Andy Howards
  • 4 days of deployment, 1 week on training and 1 month of using: 60% of our employees went well with Enterprise Social Network. There are approximately 1,000 of messages exchanged between departments everyday which resolved many issues
    Mr. Peter Thiel
  • We have chosen YouNet SI as our partner in deploying E.S.N since October 20, 2016. Our top priority is optimizing performance regarding information transfer accuracy and project management activities, including: business process
    Ms. Vivian Yang
  • Being an interior construction company, we have long searching for a solution that allow us to unify corporate procedures and culture between multiple departments in different geographical locations, working on separate projects. After
    Mr. Paul Lam
  • After careful study, research and preparation, we decided to apply ESN across the enterprise in stages. In the proactive trend, with the available infrastructure and resources, the launch of ESN into TTP Cons works quickly and smoothly.
    Ms. Theresa Clinton
  • By applying Enterprise Social Network at Buzzmetrics over 2 years, our workplace environment has been more modern and professional. Especially the CRM system helps our sales activities to save time and cost through useful tools as:
    Mr Peter Nguyen
  • After just 1 month deployed, I recognized that Enterprise Social Network is useful system for businesses. Cost of Cloud version is also reasonable and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. From managers to emloyees have actually
    Mr. Nathan Watsons
  • By using Enterprise Social Network at Socon over 1 year, I have realized the clearly impact of this system on management, communication and collaboration such as: improving internal communication efficiency; enhancing engagement between
    Mr. Daniel Vu
  • After over 1 year using Seft-Hosted version of Enterprise Social Network with full of outstanding features served for multiple divisions, efficiency and cost of ACBS was significantly improved. Moreover, the time for traditional processes
    IT Department